Black Bottom tasty disasters!

So the last time I got in touch (sorry for the lapse) I was attempting black bottom cake and attempt is the only word for it.

I tried I failed on the looks department but it tasted great! Unfortunately I am having trouble uploading images so you’ll have to take a look through Flickr too see the results. Anyhoo with a massive sprinkling of cocoa powder they became passable and were enjoyed by all. Undeterred I figured my problem had been an overly runny cheesecake mixture, I experimented for a few days and doubling up the cream cheese and adding some flour I came up with a much better mixture and have had a more success since.

With christmas in the looming and thanksgiving in the air I am planning some cookie and pumpkin pie treats this week, hopefully the cookies will get me concentrating on the looks department a tasty bake I make but not entirely attractive. Watch this space will be in touch again shortly!


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